Thursday, August 7, 2008

Orange home broadband subscribers fall

Orange has reported a loss of 44,000 broadband subscribers in the last six months, leaving the company with just over a million ADSL customers.

The declines follows a loss of 4,000 customers during the last three months of 2007, with Orange blaming a saturated market. The company's financial statement says; "The business environment is marked by the drop in narrowband internet and portals and, more recently, by the levelling off of the ADSL broadband customer base" the company's financial report reads.

This raises speculation that the company, as with Carphone Warehouse, could also be begining to feel the effects of increased mobile broadband use, as well as the higher number of mobile phone users with access to unlimited data plans.

Comparison site Top 10 Broadband claimed earlier this year that if the trends towards mobile broadband uptake continued at its current rate, then the service could overtake home broadband as early as 2010. If prices continue to fall, data speeds continue to rise and incentives such as inclusive laptops become more commonplace then, this seemingly oulandish claim may prove accurate.

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