Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mobile broadband will change the way we shop

The growth of mobile broadband is set to have an impact on the retail sector, according to new research from BT.

The telecommunications company said that as more people opt for mobile broadband services, retailers will need to change the way they offer their products to consumers in line with the way people are getting online.

BT's study revealed that in the last three months and estimated 45 per cent of mobile broadband users have used their devices to hunt down goods or services online and one in three claimed this had helped make "well-informed buying decisions".

"Broadband on the move is bringing about a change in consumer behaviour," said BT Futurologist Ian Neild. "Consumers can now do the things they would normally do at home when they are out and about. The ease with which they can go online to sites like Pricerunner or TripAdvisor to inform their buying decisions puts added pressure on high-street retailers to offer the best prices and the product ranges that people want." He continued, "The days of the internet being something for the home are over. For a growing number of savvy shoppers, the online and in-store worlds have now merged,".

Read the full article here.

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