Tuesday, September 30, 2008

PAYG Mobile Broadband - the perfect Christmas gift!

Well, we've seen Christmas decorations in the shops already...

Every year we see a new 'must have' Christmas gift emerge; previous hits have ranged from iPods to Goats!

Well, this Christmas, there's little doubt that Pay As You Go 3G Mobile Broadband dongles will be up there as one of the most popular - and best value - gifts of the Christmas season. We confidently predict that PAYG Mobile Broadband will be particularly popular with parents who have teenage kids. A Chritmas gift of a mobile broadband pay as you go dongle is the ideal stocking filler for your kids. If they've been lucky enough to get a laptop, netbook or notebook PC, then a PAYG mobile broadband dongle is a great add-on.

In the same way as mobile phones gave teenagers communication independance, so mobile broadband dongles will give them broadband independance. You may not have landline broadband at home and your children have been pesterring you to get it, or you may simply want to separate their broadband consumption from yours; well a pay as you go mobile broadband package is the definitely the answer for you.

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