Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vodafone launches mobile broadband Stick Pro

New premium USB mobile broadband dongle available at launch on promotional tariffs

Vodafone has launched a premium USB mobile broadband dongle, the USB Stick Pro. The new dongle, in black, has a retractable USB connector and comes with an integrated 4GB micro SD memory card. It will be available free on selected price plans online, in store and via telesales channel.

As a promotion, Vodafone is for a limited time offering its mobile broadband 3GB plan for £10 per month for the first three months on 24 month contracts – a saving of £15 over three months.

Similarly, the 5GB plan will be £15 per month for the first three months – a saving of £30. The Stick Pro is available on 5GB plans from free on 24 and 18 month contracts and from £29 on 12 month plans.

Vodafone is also introducing a new 1GB 30-day plan for 'Stick Lite' users to complement the existing £0 3GB 30-day plan. The Stick Lite is £49 on 30-days plans, and free on 18 month and 24 month 3GB plans.

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