Monday, December 15, 2008

Toshiba G450 - the multifunction USB modem

The Toshiba G450 works as a USB memory stick, an mp3 player, a mobile broadband modem, and a phone! To get the 3G modem functionality you need to add an appropriate SIM which should have unlimited (or high monthly allowance) 3G access associated with it. The G450 is larger than your average modem-only USB dongle, as there is a dual rotary-layout keypad on one side – plus a screen. Toshiba has made good use of the available screen estate and things are really quite simple and intuative to use.

Modem installation files are drawn from on-board the device, meaning CDs etc are not needed in common with most standard dongles. The G450 charges each time it is connected to the PC. The status monitor software runs in the system tray as a process (on Windows PCs) and reports connection status and allows a manual disconnect which is useful.

The memory stick function doesn't have much capacity (160Mb) so is only of limited use, the MP3 player may be redundant for many who are already equipped in that respect and the same could be said for the phone functionality. However, as a converged package, all it's lacking is a camera! The G450 has everything you need on the move and it's available in the UK for around £130.

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