Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ireland leads the way in mobile broadband revolution

Does 3G technology offer a viable alternative to fixed-line broadband?

When it comes to broadband, Ireland scarcely figures on most European league tables – with one exception. According to research by the telecoms consultancy Analysys Mason, Ireland is second only to Austria in adopting mobile broadband.

That’s no mean feat for a technology launched just last year and a country that, according to the telecoms regulator ComReg, has around 800,000 fixed-line broadband connections in total. Unlike many other European countries, 3G mobile broadband is an extremely strong competitor to fixed-line services in Ireland.

There are currently more than 230,000 mobile broadband subscribers in Ireland; 3 Mobile claims 90,000 users, Vodafone some 84,000 and O2 some 60,000. Such is the demand that one operator says customers are signing up at the rate of over 200 a day.

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