Thursday, October 2, 2008

T-Mobile previews mobile broadband Wi-Fi hub

T-Mobile has revealed a sneak peek of its home hub for mobile broadband, which allows up to three users to connect to a single mobile broadband USB modem using Wi-Fi.

It's a neat alternative to landline broadband, with a simple connection for the USB modem, as well as a built-in ethernet port for devices without Wi-Fi inside.

T-Mobile says its Share Dock 100 will be bundled free with mobile broadband packages costing £20 per month, or available separately at £100.

This follows news earlier in the year that 3 Mobile has plans to bring mobile broadband to the home too. The firm let slip that, since some customers are using mobile dongles as an alternative to a home landline, it's considering the launch of a special router to share the connection between laptops using Wi-Fi.

We can only assume it's still in development, because there's still no word on pricing or a release date. Stay tuned for more as soon as we hear it.

There are alternatives if you're in a rush to share your mobile broadband at home; we covered this in our 'How to use and share mobile broadband at home' article back in August.

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