Thursday, November 13, 2008

3 and T-Mobile join hands to boost their mobile broadband network

The mobile operators, 3 and T-Mobile, have recently entered a 5-year backhaul agreement with BT Wholesale. The agreement was entered through the two mobile operators' joint-venture company MBNL – Mobile Broadband Network Ltd - formed so that both mobile companies could merge, streamline and strengthen their base stations, and thereby increase their UK reach.

The 5-year deal with BT Wholesale stipulates that BT will connect 7,500 of MBNL's base stations to BT's broadband network (called 21CN – 21st Century Network). The intent is that, by entering this deal, MBNL's capacity to handle the ever-increasing consumer demand for mobile broadband will be bolstered in as cost-efficient and environmentally-beneficial a way as possible.

With the agreement, MBNL envision that by 2010, it will have the most extensive third-generation mobile broadband network in the UK.

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