Thursday, August 7, 2008

Virgin Mobile to launch mobile broadband

In its latest set of quarterly results, Virgin Mobile has revealed it will be unveiling its own mobile broadband offering in the fourth quarter of this year.

The move comes about due to a recent renegotiation of the virtual mobile operator's agreement with its network supplier, T-Mobile, for the cost of voice and data services. As a result, the operator says it now "will also be able to price more competitively in the growing mobile data usage market".

If Virgin's mobile broadband product resembles T-Mobile's own offering, customers can expect a theoretical maximum of 7.2Mbps within the M25 area. T-Mobile also launched its HSUPA network in July, promising effective upload speeds of 1.4Mbps.

Virgin becomes the last major operator to launch a mobile broadband service, following rival O2 which made a 3G data product available to existing customers in April this year. BT Mobile, a relatively small player, may release details of their mobile broadband plans later in the summer.

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