Monday, October 6, 2008

T-Mobile and 3 deal provides boost for BT arm reports...

The joint venture of UK mobile operators T-Mobile and 3 has signed a deal with BT Wholesale to provide high-speed links between their base stations, giving the business arm of BT a welcome boost with a contract worth several hundred million pounds.

The five-year deal with Mobile Broadband Network highlights the need for mobile operators to shore up the speed of data transmission as mobile broadband becomes widely used by customers.

BT Wholesale signed similar five-year deals with rival operators O2 in May and Vodafone in April, leaving only Orange of the big UK mobile operators without a similar arrangement.

Emin Gurdenli, technology director at T-Mobile UK, said: "This agreement with BT will make sure backhaul [the backbone connections of the network] is not a constraint now or in the future at a time when T-Mobile is experiencing strong growth in mobile broadband and other mobile data services."

Mobile broadband is increasing in popularity because of devices such as Apple's iPhone, as well as the planned launches of smartphones from Nokia and Sony Ericsson, and Google's G1.

Read the full article here.

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