Friday, January 23, 2009

3 Launch mobile TV service

3 UK has launched a new mobile TV section of its portal called 3 on Demand.

The content, which is managed by On Demand Group company Mobix Interactive, includes a variety of full episode streaming mobile TV ranging from scripted reality series The Hills, South Park, and celebrity news source E! 3 On Demand adds to the the operator's on-portal live TV streaming and off portal video content, which includes Sky Sports 1, 2, and 3.

Costing between £1.29 and £1.99 for a week's access to an episode the content will be delivered by Mobix's Adrenalin platform, users will be able to pause and resume without the need for a new client application.

3 UK product manager Alex Woodhams said: "3 on Demand can deliver a wide range of high quality full length TV shows in a flexible manner that allows users to pause and later resume shows where they left off.

"Amalgamating all of our mobile TV seamlessly ties in with our broader objective of using the speed of the 3 network to give people access to a wider choice of on-portal content and mobile internet services in a simple yet effective manner."

Mobix Interactive CEO Damian Mulcock said: "We are excited by the arrival of full form programming to the mobile environment, as well as Adrenalin's capability to deliver this new experience, as it is indicative of the momentum in the convergence strategies of our customers and the growing demand for multi-access by consumers."

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