Monday, December 15, 2008

Nokia to enter mobile broadband dongle market

It's all about the dongle today!

The mobile communications firm, Nokia, is about to launch its version of a mobile broadband dongle which will be available in early 2009.

In 2006 and 2007 Nokia unsuccessfully attempted to enter the 3G market by developing internal modems in partnership with Intel. However this new attempt is likely to be different as they are approaching this through the very much in demand mobile broadband market which has seen huge growth in sales this year.

Yet there is no guarantee that the Nokia brand will be able to complete with the Chinese made Huawei dongle that is available through Vodafone and 3. During 2009, the worldwide market for mobile broadband is expected to grow by thirty per cent to around twenty six million units, compared to the four hundred and forty million mobile phones that Nokia sells.

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New iCON dongle for T-Mobile

Option N.V., the wireless technology company, today announced that T-Mobile UK is adding an Option USB wireless modem to its pioneering mobile broadband service. The iCON 431 is an intelligent HSUPA USB modem offering fast, future-proof broadband connectivity: it will be marketed by T-Mobile UK as the Mobile Broadband USB Stick 530.

Option's iCON 431 can download at speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and upload at up to 5.7 Mbps. Tri-band HSPA in the 900, 1900 & 2100 MHz bands ensures iCON 431 users can obtain mobile broadband connections in countries all over the world. Ease-of-use is guaranteed by Option's patented Zero-CD Plug 'n' Play technology that automatically installs all necessary drivers and application software when the device is first connected to a PC.

The sleek and compact device measures just 76 x 27 x13 mm when the USB connector is retracted within its body. An innovative Micro-SD slot can accommodate an 8 GB card making the iCON 431 a versatile data storage device.

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Toshiba G450 - the multifunction USB modem

The Toshiba G450 works as a USB memory stick, an mp3 player, a mobile broadband modem, and a phone! To get the 3G modem functionality you need to add an appropriate SIM which should have unlimited (or high monthly allowance) 3G access associated with it. The G450 is larger than your average modem-only USB dongle, as there is a dual rotary-layout keypad on one side – plus a screen. Toshiba has made good use of the available screen estate and things are really quite simple and intuative to use.

Modem installation files are drawn from on-board the device, meaning CDs etc are not needed in common with most standard dongles. The G450 charges each time it is connected to the PC. The status monitor software runs in the system tray as a process (on Windows PCs) and reports connection status and allows a manual disconnect which is useful.

The memory stick function doesn't have much capacity (160Mb) so is only of limited use, the MP3 player may be redundant for many who are already equipped in that respect and the same could be said for the phone functionality. However, as a converged package, all it's lacking is a camera! The G450 has everything you need on the move and it's available in the UK for around £130.

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