Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Operators urged to meet mobile broadband data demand

Total Telecom reports:

Conservative estimates suggest we'll be using 200 million mobile broadband-enabled devices by 2011. More and more devices have high-speed mobile data capabilities, and as screen sizes increase so do bandwidth demand and application requirements.

Today's networks cannot handle these trends. To meet the challenge, mobile operators must manage rapid technology change in their networks.

These changes are occurring throughout the network, from the cell site through the backhaul network all the way to the core. Given the pace and frequency of the changes required, tactical network evolution is no longer the most efficient way forward. It is time for strategic change.

The impact of new data services also raises considerable commercial challenges for operators. Although data rates are increasing twofold or fourfold annually in most networks, there has not been an accompanying rise in revenues. This combination of drivers gives rise to a "perfect storm", whereby all aspects of the network -operational, engineering and commercial - are under constant strain.

Read the full article by Ben McCahill, director of mobile strategies at Tellabs, at totaltele.com...

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